All surgery has some risk

We will evaluate your candidacy to decrease risk. Part of providing platinum class patient care is analysing your candidacy for the stem cell procedure. We will take into consideration your medical history and current health, although generally the following will result in us recommending you do not undergo treatment:

  • Pregnancy
  • Blood disorders
  • Low BMI or insufficient fat reserves
  • Infection
  • Unstable illness
  • Cancer

Autologous apidose derived stromal cell therapy seems free of significant adverse events

There are minimal risks involved with stem cell therapy because the treatment is autologous. Autologous means that the stem cells or SVF cells are sourced from your own body. This greatly decreases risks of rejection and complications such as allergic reactions. There have been no reported serious adverse reactions with adipose SVF stem cell therapy. Temporary minor reactions have been observed in a small per cent of patients including flushing, heart palpitations (for a few minutes after the injection), and slightly raised temperature just after the injection.

If you have any questions regarding possible risks incurred from the procedure please do not hesitate to ask one of our doctors during your initial consultation.