There is mounting evidence that when our diet changed to include large amounts of grain mankind developed tooth decay, osteoporosis, and became as much as 15cm shorter. We have seen inflamed joints in race horses and stud cattle fed grain. It would appear that grain may promote Osteoarthritis and we would like to test this in a trial.

We have seen that MS patients on Colostrum and stromal cells do better than those on stromal cells alone.


Excess exercise is known to exacerbate osteoarthritis but gentle exercise can improve osteoarthritis. The difficulty is in knowing which exercise helps and which damages. We do know that movement is anti-inflammatory.

When osteoarthritis patients are first treated it is important for them to rest the joint for the first month. We see patients who rest their joints for the first month getting very good improvement and those who do not rest needing to come back to have the treatment repeated. After that first month it may help to have the muscles assessed by a physiotherapist to see if any need to be stretched or to have exercises aimed at strengthening individual muscles. A Podiatrist consultation can be helpful as the forces across the joint often need to be corrected by wearing orthotics. This can accelerate the rate of healing and improve the final result.