Government Financial Assistance

Patient Travel Assistance

If you are looking to become a patient of ours but either you are traveling interstate or you are located on the outskirts of NSW; the Australian Government has scheme’s available to cover a portion of your travel and accommodation costs.

These scheme’s have no association to Macquarie Stem Cells, your application & approvals will be directly with the Government.

Links are listed below for each state.

Workers Compensation Cover

Workers compensation has seen the benefit of this treatment first hand.

We have now treated several patients whom have had their workers compensation pay for 100% of the treatment.
It is up to you to approach your work cover claim and put your case forward.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Update: 23 May 2018

NDIS can not cover biological therapies at this stage, unfortunately we have no further information to provide.

Outdated Update: 29 Aug 2017

For many months we have been trying to get in to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Today, we received 3 main updates.

  1. They can see the benefits of biological treatments in helping people with arthritis and/or joint injury disabilities.
  2. Macquarie Stem Cells are not covered by Medicare or Private Health, therefore we fit this part of the criteria to be accepted as an NDIS provider.
  3. We have applied for a special ruling to have our own section created under the NDIS.
    We will keep you all updated.
    If this proves to be successful, we are one step closer to achieving rebates for all of you.


Medicare & Private Health Insurance

We have been performing this treatment since 2009, we are now at a stage where the treatment is taking a lot of recognition by many professional systems & scheme’s. However, there is still no rebates through either Medicare or Private Health Insurance companies.

You are welcome to place your application in to your private health insurance company, if we can assist with this process, we are happy to help.

As more Australian’s request rebates, awareness will increase exponentially. This will eventually lead to rebates for patients.

We expect this is going to take at least another 5 years to achieve this private health cover. Medicare will take a lot longer.

Veteran Affairs Cover

Veteran Affairs has offered patient travel assistance for our previous patients. If you require long distance travel or accommodation to see us, please consult them directly. Your DVA level may impact this situation.

At this stage the DVA will not pay for the treatment, ultimately it is up to you to push your case forward. If you need support with this application we are happy to help you.

Eventually we aim to get DVA on board and provide rebates or full cover for this treatment, since it is proving to be safe and extremely effective.

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