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Below are a list of trials we are currently working on, there is no further information available until approval from HREC.



Running Clinical Trials

Chronic Migraines – Trial Information

Based on a conclusion of our published treatment on 4 patients.

This case series is the first to provide evidence of the efficacy of biological interventions in the treatment of migraine and tension-type headache. The treatment of this disease by utilising bioloigcal interventions adds a new dimension to its clinical applicability and suggests a relatively simple treatment that may help address the symptoms of the disease. Given what is known about the components of the our bodies biological approach for repairs, the information presented in this case series may also further our knowledge of the etiology and pathophysiology of migraine and tension-type headaches. This treatment is simple, looks to be extremely effective and has been life changing for these patients. (Bright R., et al, 2014)

Patient applications are open – for further information to become an applicant you will need to read the suitability criteria presented in the trial link below. (click on the picture)

If you match the criteria, please send an email directly to [email protected] to participate in the trial.

Study procedure and care will be provided at no cost. For more information about the potential benefits and risks of the study please contact the trial coordinator at [email protected]

This study has been approved by the Northern Sydney Local Health District Human Research Ethics Committee, reference number: HREC/15/HAWKE/279.

The trial has been registered with the Australia and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (trial ID ACTRN12615001260516)




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