Are you sick of waking up feeling sore and tired every single day? Macquarie Stem Cells want to assist with your chronic pain in the New Year.

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Did you know that chronic pain affects one in five Australians on average? We are sure that any chronic pain sufferer will understand the toll it can take on regular every-day activities. Whether your pain stems from your knees, hips, back, shoulders, neck, or another body part, stem cell therapy can be a great solution!

How can Stem Cell Therapy Assist Chronic Pain?

Stem cell therapy is a complex procedure that utilises resources from the patient’s body being treated to assist in healing. Stem cell therapy is a procedure that uses the body’s own repair mechanism, so no foreign substances are required. Unlike joint replacements, stem cell therapy is a procedure that extracts cells from one part of the body to be inserted into the affected area. The process can be seen in step-by-step form below:

Step One: Extraction of Fat

Adipose (fat) is extracted from the patient using a mini-liposuction procedure. The selected area is treated with anaesthesia during this process so minimal pain can be expected.

Step Two: Purifying the Tissue

Typically 100-150ml of fat is harvested, which is then treated to purify and refine the regenerative cells. The adipose tissue is treated with ultrasonic cavitation that involves no added enzymes or chemicals, so you can rest assured it is cleaner and safer.

Step Three: Stromal Cells Quality Test

During the ultrasonic cavitation process, a mix of valuable regenerative cells is formed known as stromal cells. But before this mixture is re-inserted it must undergo a quality test. An instrument known as the flow cytometer will be used to examine the cell viability and count.

Step Four: Re-insertion of Stem Cells

Once the quality of the stromal cell mixture has been confirmed, it is then ready to be inserted into the affected area. The insertion of stromal cells improves the health of the damaged tissue, providing the current cells with appropriate resources to recover. The balance of stem cells should then be restored in order to allow the body to heal itself effectively. The beautiful part is that no foreign substances need to be inserted – minimising risk and giving you peace of mind.

Don’t let Chronic Pain ruin yet Another Year

Stem cell therapy is a complex procedure that can be difficult to understand. If you are considering stem cell therapy treatment and have queries, please don’t hesitate to call us and schedule a consultation. You shouldn’t have to suffer chronic pain any longer. This could be your year to finally take control of your chronic pain and reap the benefits.

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