Many people become concerned about their joint pains in the cooler months

Many people complain about increased joint pain during winter because they believe the cool weather aggravates their arthritis. There are a number of possibilities why this may indeed actually be true, including barometric changes, changes in the body and a lack of activity in the winter. All of these result in the same feeling: chronic pain and stiffness in the joints. At Macquarie Stem Cells in Sydney, we have decided to further discuss this theory.

Barometric changes due to the weather can worsen pain

This weather change is said to be the predominant cause for increased pain during cold months as biometric changes refer to fluctuations in the air pressure which is said to affect arthritic pain. Many people with arthritis claim that they can predict changes in the weather – if you know somebody who claims this it is most likely that they experience greater pain due to reduced pressure on days where it rains. Air pressure has been recorded to affect joint pain as lower air pressure results in less atmospheric pressure which usually supports the soft tissue that surrounds the joints. This means that the existing tissue that has become inflamed due to arthritis will expand to fill the space.

Sedentary winter habits may cause joint pain

While many of our patients claim to not be able to do exercise with their joint pain, it is actually a condition that is worsened by not being active enough. Everybody feels a little sluggish in winter – whether they suffer from arthritis or not that’s why it’s so important to stay motivated by staying warm in winter. When it comes to your joints it is true that “if you don’t use it you’ll lose it” as the musculoskeletal parts of the body rely on muscle strength and bone density to operate which may depreciate with a lack of activity.

When skin cools it intensifies pain

During winter, skin naturally cools down from temperatures of above 30 degrees to 21-26 degrees Celsius. This change reduces circulation and also results in more sensitive pain sensors which means your osteoarthritis will be more vulnerable when you move. You may also find that areas of your body which don’t normally ache begin to; this is also because of sensitised pain sensors.

The best way to feel better about your pain in the winter is to eradicate and treat the source

Treating the source of your pain is much more beneficial to your health when compared to vitamins or pain medication. Here at Macquarie Stem Cells we utilise stem cell therapy to treat osteoarthritis and joint pain directly at the source utilising a natural process. We use stromal cells which are derived from apidose tissue from your own body. Stromal cells are a combination of adult stem cells and other bodily tissue which are put through a centrifuge process in order to purify them and prime them for reinjection. Once these cells are ready to be reintroduced to the body they will be reinjected into the arthritic zone – whether it be the knee, elbow or hands.

If you are interested in treating your arthritis before winter intensifies please visit Macquarie Stem Cells in Sydney or contact us here.


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