New research reveals Stem Cells not only don’t cause cancer but they may have a protective effect by decreasing the chance of cancer spreading.

# Cancer risk refers specifically to the cells we use here at Macquarie Stem Cells, this is uncultured, unmodified stromal vascular fraction.

Many previous publications have discussed the lack of adverse events associated with Mesenchymal Stromal Cells. For over 20 years, these cells have been studies, it is very clear these cells do not cause cancer in the body if they are not modified. We can certainly agree to this on our end as well.

We have successfully treated over 800 patients with ZERO cancer related incidences

A recent publication has uncovered new ground, it appears these mesenchymal stromal cells can have a protective effect on cancer cells.  Even though this is very early research, it is looking very positive. Read the abstract of this publication below.


A subpopulation of stromal cells controls cancer cell homing to the bone marrow.

Publication Date: 24th October 2017


Breast and prostate cancer cells home to the bone marrow where they presumably hijack the hematopoietic stem cell niche. We characterize here the elusive premetastatic niche by examining the role of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) in cancer cell homing. Decreasing the number of MSC pharmacologically enhanced cancer cell homing to the bone marrow in mice. In contrast, increasing the number of these MSC by various interventions including G-CSF administration diminished cancer cell homing. The MSC subpopulation that correlated best with cancer cells expressed stem, endothelial, and pericytic cell markers suggesting these cells represent an undifferentiated component of the niche with vascular commitment. In humans, a MSC subpopulation carrying markers for endothelial and pericytic cells was lower in the presence of cytokeratin+ cells in bone marrow. Taken together, our data show that a subpopulation of MSC with both endothelial and pericytic cell surface markers suppresses the homing of cancer cells to the bone marrow. Similar to the presence of cytokeratin+ cells in the bone marrow, this mesenchymal stromal cell subpopulation could prove useful in determining the risk of metastatic disease, and its manipulation might offer a new possibility for diminishing bone metastasis formation.

REF:Rossnagl, S., Ghura, H., Groth, C., Altrock, E., Jakob, F., Schott, S., Wimberger, P., Link, T., Kuhlmann, J., Stenzl, A., Hennenlotter, J., Todenhöfer, T., Rojewski, M., Bieback, K. and Nakchbandi, I. (2017). A subpopulation of stromal cells controls cancer cell homing to the bone marrow. Cancer Research, pp.canres.3507.2016.

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