Stop taking painkillers and treat the source of your pain with Macquarie Stem Cells

Macquarie Stem Cells in Sydney are leaders in stem cell treatment which has been used successfully to treat osteoarthritis, chronic joint pain and has even shown some promise in treating more serious disorders such as multiple sclerosis. Despite stem cell therapy’s solidly efficient way to treat chronic pain and disorders such as arthritis many people are still resorting to the much more inferior pain medication.

Pain medication does not treat the cause

The main problem with pain medication is that it simply masks the pain, it doesn’t treat the source. This is the main reason why stem cell therapy is much more beneficial to your body as it treats the cause of your chronic pain and it can eradicate your need for pain medication altogether.

There are many other problems with recurring pain medication use

A paracetamol tablet every now and then to treat a headache is okay but when people resort to pain medication every day or even multiple times a day to treat pain it can lead to drastic and damaging side effects. If you are taking pain medication to numb your osteoarthritis or joint pain then you may develop a drug dependency. Signs of a drug dependency include:

  • Taking more medication than prescribed by your doctor
  • Taking medication when you wake up
  • Taking medication before an activity (as a preventative measure)
  • A change in mood or constant variations in mood

If you are taking drugs or painkillers on a regular basis you may also be putting yourself at risk of nausea, stomach ulcers, damaging drug interactions and even accidental overdose. Opioid painkillers which contain opiates can also lead to recurring drowsiness and a feeling of lethargy.

It has been proven that pain medication is not very effective in treating chronic pain

When treating chronic pain it has been found that the negative attributes far outweigh the benefits. ‘treating’ also refers to actually mending the affliction not just masking it either through numbing the pain receptors or temporarily halting pain. If you want to actually treat your chronic pain and reinvigorate your life stem cell therapy would be a much more beneficial treatment plan to you.

Stem Cell Therapy with Macquarie Stem Cells

Macquarie Stem Cells have been treating patients with stem cell therapy for a number of years. We have seen success stories of even the most serious osteoarthritis or joint pain and believe that with our treatment we can at the very least reduce the pain you experience on a daily basis. Stem cell therapy involves the use of cells which are sourced from apidose (fat) tissue. These cells are regenerative as they can adapt to most tissue in the body including bone, cartilage and soft tissue. This is why they are so valuable and why our stem cell therapy treatment has been such a great success in treating ailments such as osteoarthritis.

How exactly will stem cell therapy improve my osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis involves the degeneration of cartilage that adjoins different sections of the leg as well as the underlying bone. When this cartilage disintegrates it ruins the way the joints move resulting in a relatively painful experience. Stem cell therapy can be used to treat this pain at the source by regeneration that lost tissue. The process will involve one of our professional doctors reinjecting the regenerative tissue into the affected area so that it may begin to heal.

If you would like to find out more about how stem cell therapy can help you, drop the pain medication today and visit Macquarie Stem Cells in Liverpool, Sydney or contact us here.


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