Fifteen Years Ago It Was Thought There’d Be Radical Breakthroughs with Stem Cell Research

In 1998 science was taking huge strides. A sheep was cloned and then it gave birth, heart surgery was completed with robotic assistance for the first time and a biomedical engineer said that within ten years scientists would be able to create an entire heart capable of transplant.

In the late nineties stem cells weren’t a well-known area of research, however it was starting to gain traction with more and more scientists seeing the potential of stem cells. Stem Cells were found to be blank-template cells with the potential to become any type of cell in the body, and this made stem cell research very important.

Stem Cell Research Fifteen Years Later…

The same biomedical engineer who, in 1998, said that within ten years scientists would be able to create an entire heart capable of transplantation admitted it was a bit of a naïve statement to make. As time moved on, scientists were able to gain an understanding of just how complex human organs are developed. Suddenly, the task of creating an entire human heart capable of being transplanted seemed much more involved than was originally thought.

Not that has deterred anyone. On the contrary, last month Japanese scientists used stem cells to grow functional liver cells. While this is exciting (and it is), it’ll be another 10 to maybe 15 years before human organs made from stem cells will be available to the public.

That is what is so exciting about stem cell research. The potential to use adult stem cells to create organs and improve people’s quality of life is becoming a reality.

Stem Cell Therapy and Stem Cell Research…

While scientists continue to research stem cells and their potential, at Macquarie Stem Cells in Sydney we provide stem cell therapy to help treat a variety of health concerns today. When we talk about stem cells we are referring to adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells. The key difference being that adult stem cells are harvested from your body, and then the stem cells taken from that will be injected into the affected areas.

Adult stem cells are found in adipose (fat) tissue and there are more than 5 million stem cells that reside in every gram. Our medical doctors will extract the adipose (fat) tissue by using a mini-liposuction procedure while the area is treated with local anaesthesia. Once the tissue is extracted we use an ultrasonic cavitation process to purify and refine the valuable regenerative cells.

The purpose of the ultrasonic cavitation is to remove the collagen attached to the fat cells. This process will leave the purified cells: including stem cells, progenitor and other regenerating cells and growth factors. Before the cells are re-injected into your body we will perform a quality test using an instrument called a flow cytometer which will examine the cell viability and count.

Our Treatment Method Is Very Effective…

At our Sydney clinic we use both reinjection and intravenous reinjection which has been found to almost double the effectiveness of the procedure. Once the cells are re-injected they’ll hone in on the injury and begin differentiating into the required tissue. The remaining progenitor cells and growth factors will then begin the process of repair and regeneration.

For more information about our stem cell therapy, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located Stem Cell Centre of Excellence in Sydney, please contact us today.

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