Macquarie Stem Cells have successfully treated a number of patients with knee injuries by utilising stem cell therapy.

Treat Your Knee Injury with Stem Cell Therapy

Do you have an injured knee that causes you constant pain? Before you commit to any major procedures or surgery, you should consider stem cell therapy! At Macquarie Stem Cells, we have successfully treated a number of patients with knee injuries, including affected areas of the joint, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and more. We feel confident to assist your knee injury and significantly enhance the healing process – without the need for any replacements or reconstructions.

Did you know?

– The human body is made up of billions of specialised cells that form our organs – including the muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, and more. That’s why insertion of stem cells to these surrounding areas can be so effective in the healing process.

– Every day there are cells degenerating and regenerating in our bodies. However when tissues are damaged, the body’s ability to heal is challenged as more cells are dying than regenerating. That’s when pain can occur and functionality can be affected.

– Our experienced team have achieved consistent results in treating injuries with stem cell therapy. Approximately 90% responded successfully to treatment, patient improvements can vary between 20% to 100% however the average improvements have been 75%.

– Macquarie Stem Cells have extensive knowledge and resources to treat various kinds of injuries. At this point in time, the most common use of stem cell therapy is muscular skeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis and/or joint injuries.

How does stem cell therapy work?

The initial step of a stem cell therapy treatment involves a mini-liposuction procedure, where fat (adipose) tissue is harvested from an appropriate area of the body. The fat tissue is then run through the ultra-sonication process which allows the stromal and stem cells to be separated apart from the fat tissue. These stromal cells undergo a quality test, and are then injected to the affected area.

Heal Your Knee Injury Naturally

Macquarie Stem Cells are highly experienced in treating cases such as knee injuries to help re- establish a healthy balance of stem cells. We strive to assist your injury in the short and long term. By treating your injury with stem cell therapy, your body is getting the resources it needs to heal naturally. You can rest assured that no artificial or foreign objects will be inserted into your body during the stem cell therapy procedure.

Macquarie Stem Cells Sydney

At Macquarie Stem Cells in Sydney, we are always updating our knowledge and research on the uses of stem cell therapy. We are passionate about the various ways it can be utilised and feel confident to treat your knee injury.

Book a consultation with us today to learn more about how stem cell therapy may assist your knee injury.


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