The Ongoing Research and Development of Stem Cell Therapy Is Seeing Some Amazing Results

Earlier this month news came from the U.K. saying that stem cell therapy had wiped out HIV in 2 patients.

On further reading it turns out that they had stem cell transplants after developing lymphoma (a type of blood cancer). After the stem cell therapy doctors were unable to find any evidence of the HIV infection.

This poses great interest and potential for stem cell therapy – even greater than we could have hoped for.

However it is important we mention that no one is labelling this outcome as a cure. This is for 3 reasons:

  1. The patients showed undetectable levels of HIV in their blood after the treatment
  2. The patients were still taking HIV supressing medication
  3. The cost: it is not seen as a viable option for worldwide use because stem cell transplant is extremely expensive and there are 34 million people infected with HIV.

10 Patients Have Had Their Eyesight Improved…

According to another article a form of stem cell therapy has been used to successfully treat blind patients. One patient went from having only 17% vision to 20/25 vision with stem cells harvested from the patients’ skin behind the ears.

These are just two of many stories emerging about the successful use of stem cell therapy. For example, scientists in Japan managed to grow an adult liver. With further research they are hoping it could be the beginning of using adult stem cells to successfully regrow organs.

What Macquarie Stem Cells Is Currently Doing…

Macquarie Stem Cells in Sydney work inside the Therapeutic Goods Administrations legislative framework to provide you with a variety of safe treatment options.

The way in which we administer our stem cell therapy is almost twice as effective as traditional methods. At Macquarie Stem cells we use two kinds of injection methods which have both nearly doubled the effectiveness of the treatment.

The two injection methods we use are intravenous and direct injection. The injected stem cells work by targeting the site of injury and then begin changing (differentiating) into the necessary tissue. The remaining cells will then start the process of repair and regeneration.

At the moment Stem Cell Therapy is best used for managing joint pain such as arthritis, psoriasis and we have had some success in treating patients with multiple sclerosis.

We have had an 80% success rate treating osteoarthritis. Whereas pain medication only masks the pain, stem cell therapy treats the actual tissue that’s causing the discomfort.

Benefits of Stem Cell Research…

One of the beneficial features of stem cell therapy is that there is huge potential for growth. We have barely scraped the surface of what stem cell therapy is capable of. Just remember: in Japan they’ve successfully grown an adult liver, in the U.K. they have treated two cases of HIV, and 10 patients have had much of their sight restored, all thanks to the unique nature of stem cells.

To find out more about stem cell therapy, or to book an appointment at our Sydney Centre of Excellence, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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