Have you read the latest Discussion on TGA?

Recently you may have heard about the TGA being involved with a discussion on the regulation of autologous stem cell therapies. Macquarie Stem Cells want to encourage you to become involved in the discussion and have your say. A discussion paper has arisen due to a very strong and continuous urging by scientific groups who may feel threatened by the treatment options we provide.

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The TGA are considering whether the regulation that is often applied to some autologous cells is actually appropriate. Specifically, the TGA are considering stem cells that are taken from a patient and used under the supervision of medical practiononer caring for that patient – treating them in a single session.

Your feedback will be informative as to whether a change is necessary to therapeutic goods regulation, including the cost of consultations and benefits to the affected parties – and ultimately contributing to the future of stem cell therapy. Almost all submissions will be located on the TGA internet site (excluding confidential ones).

Macquarie Stem Cells are encouraging patients to read the article by the TGA and have their say. You are able to make a submission up until the 3rd of March and have an impact on the decision. By providing a high volume of submissions, we can depict the significance of stem cell therapy to those who may be less informed, and portray whether regulatory change is needed. Submissions will be reviewed by the TGA and they will provide feedback on the TGA internet site.

Macquarie Stem Cells appreciate your contribution and thank you for taking the time to have your say.

To learn more, see files attached:

Introduction (PDF)

Information for Doctors (PDF)

Information for Citizens (PDF)

Submission Form (PDF)

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