First-in-man I.V. injection of stromal vascular fraction in psoriasis: a case study.

Published: 21st March 2018
Journal of Medical Case Reports


Stromal vascular fraction (SVF) obtained from adipose tissue (body fat), is a mixture of;

  • mesenchymal stem cells,
  • endothelial/progenitors,
  • pericytes,
  • fibroblasts,

These cells play a key role in aiding repairs to the human body, they also poses anti-inflammatory properties.

A small sample of fat or adipose tissue can be obtained under local anesthesia using a cannula. After an enzymatic digestion and centrifugation, the adipocytes (fat cells) are removed to obtain an SVF. Here, we describe the rationale and, to our knowledge, the first clinical implementation of SVF intravenously in a patient with severe psoriasis.


Adipose tissue (60 mL) was collected under local anesthesia via a mini-lipoaspirate procedure. The SVF was separated from the adipocytes via centrifugation after an enzymatic digestion. The cells were resuspended in normal saline and injected via bolus push intravenous. The subject was monitored over a period of 12 months for safety (adverse events), medication changes, and quality of life parameters.


The patient did not report any safety concerns and did not experience any severe adverse events. The patient demonstrated a significant decrease in symptoms with a noticeable difference in skin quality appearance. Psoriasis area and severity index score went from 50.4 at baseline to 0.3 at 1 month follow-up.


Overall, the patient reported improved quality of life and willingness to continue treatments. This successful initial case study demonstrates that this may be a feasible treatment plan for patients suffering from psoriasis.

REF: Comella, K., Parlo, M., Daly, R. and Dominessy, K. (2018). First-in-man intravenous implantation of stromal vascular fraction in psoriasis: a case study. International Medical Case Reports Journal, Volume 11, pp.59-64.

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