A Bulgarian man is believed to be the first person in history to make a recovery from being paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal injury.

The revolutionary procedure, which was British-funded, saw Polish surgeons use nerve-supporting cells from the nose of the patient, which were used to provide pathways along which the broken tissue was able to regrow. The patient, whose spine was severed in a stabbing attack four years earlier, experienced unparalleled results.

As a result, the 38-year-old patient can now walk with a frame, drive a car and has been able to resume the type of independent life that he lived prior to the attack. What was incredible about this particular case was that although patients with partial damage to the spine have made recoveries in the past, it was generally accepted that a complete severing of the spine was impossible to repair, until now. The cells that were taken from the nose, called olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs), have been known to influence the regrowth of olfactory nerves, which transport smells to the brain and because of the nature of their environment, they regenerate every 30 days.

This treatment was specifically engineered to deal with spinal cord injury, and could completely change the future for patients who have suffered from serious injuries specifically to that area. For patients who suffer from Osteoarthritis, we offer Stem Cell Therapy treatment.

Arthritis relief through Stem Cell Therapy

There is no cure as of yet for arthritis, however at Macquarie Stem Cells we have seen some fantastic results in many of our patients who are seeking relief from the symptoms of their arthritis. We perform our stem cell therapy procedure and reinject the SVF cells into the joint that is affected by arthritic pain in order to rehabilitate connective tissue and cartilage which has been lost due to osteoarthritis.

While maintenance of symptoms are often managed with a variety of treatments, some of which



  • Medication
  • Physical Therapy
  • Mechanical Aids
  • Surgery
  • Diet

None of these treatments can significantly reduce the prevalence of arthritic pain and do not treat osteoarthritis at the source; they can only help to manage symptoms. Constantly taking pain medication will only mask the pain, while stem cell therapy can actually treat the tissue which is causing the discomfort.

How is Stem Cell Therapy Performed?

The procedure involves retrieving cells from a particular area of adipose fat through a miniature liposuction procedure. The fat will then be processed through an ultrasonic cavitation technique that will separate the adipose tissue from the valuable stem cells. The cells are then reinjected into the affected area. Of all the patients suffering from osteoarthritis in the knee area that we treat with this technique, 90% of them did respond to the treatment, experiencing an average 75% improvement, which is quite a substantial result.

If you are interested in investigating stem cell therapy as a treatment for achieving relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis, contact one of our friendly team to arrange a consultation. One of our experienced and caring doctors will assess your condition and will be able to determine whether you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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