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November 21,2018

Macquarie Stem Cells has provided this information to educate the public based on peer reviewed, published scientific and medical documents. We don’t aim to encourage consumers to seek out such treatments prior to an assessment by a health professional to determine your suitability for treatment. This is obtained directly from the Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine. This study was funded privately by the patients whom have received treatment. We aim to provide you with an unbiased range of treatments that are available aside from biological therapy, This is discussed in ‘other-options’  page on our website.

TITLE: “Adipose Derived Stromal Cells to Treat Joint Disease”(Bright R. 2010) 

Published: Journal of cosmetic surgery & medicine – VOL 5 NO 3 2010


“In April 2009, Dr. Ralph Bright (Macquarie Stem Cells) treated our first patient. “She had moderate osteoarthritis which had given her continuous pain for the past five years. The pain ranged from a 2.5 to a 10, with 10 being pain equivalent to her child delivery pain. Twelve days after her injection she was pain-free and has remained so. This lady also had a rotator cuff syndrome in her right shoulder. This shoulder has remained pain-free also. In both her wrists she had rheumatoid arthritis with pain and swelling. For this she had been taking severe amounts of immune suppressing and anti-inflammatory medications. After Day 12 she was only taking immune suppressing medications. At eight weeks we stopped the immune suppressing medications such that she was now taking no medication whatsoever. Blood testing revealed that her cold reactive proteins (CRP) dropped from 23mg/ml to 7.7mg/ml at 10 weeks. However at 13 weeks we noted that her CRP had started to rise again although she remained asymptomatic. At 20 weeks she had a flare-up of her rheumatoid arthritis in her left wrist for which she took anti-inflammatories. She remains pain-free and asymptomatic in her knee and shoulder. In 2010, we treated our next six patients. They all showed significant improvement, most marked in the first month and plateauing after four months, as demonstrated by the WOMAC questionnaire scores. We have not been able to demonstrate any improvement radiographically. Three patients had other disease processes in other areas of the body which improved with injections into the knee. One has not needed to use his asthma medication since having the injection. Two showed a 90% improvement in spine pain. Two patients had some swelling in the joints after injection, but this cleared within two weeks. There had been no permanent adverse events. There have been no infections.” (Bright R. 2010) 


REF: Bright, R. (2010). Adipose Derived Stromal Cells to Treat Joint Disease. Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Medicine, Volume 5(Issue 3).

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