Undergoing stem cell therapy can have a huge impact on improving your condition, however there are also certain factors that can impact the effectiveness of your treatment.

Dr Ralph Bright is experienced in treating conditions like Osteoarthritis with Stem Cell therapy in the Macquarie Stem Cell Liverpool practice, however there are a range of things that can affect how successful the treatment is. Dr Bright can perform the treatment, but the way you care for yourself afterwards determines its effectiveness. Below you’ll find a list of things that can assist the stem cell treatment in helping to improve your condition.


The most critical initial element in ensuring your stem cell treatment is effective is rest. Simple though it may seem, rest will give your body the best chance of achieving the most benefits from the treatment. It is a good idea to make sure that you have an adequate amount of time away from work and regular duties at home.minirest

Diet and Exercise

As a rule, anything that increases your general health and wellbeing will increase the health of your stem cells. It’s important to maintain a healthy diet and gentle exercise (Dr Bright will discuss with you what kinds of exercise you’ll be able to do and when you can start doing it). Movement is actually anti-inflammatory, yet too much exercise can be detrimental, and so can too little. It is also vitally important that you stay away from foods that cause inflammation as these will make your arthritis worse, namely sugar and grains. Sugar suppresses your immune system and will cause inflammation and reduce the effectiveness of your stem cell treatment.


Smoking is a major cause of inflammation and can have a severely negative impact on the effectiveness of your stem cell treatment. Every time you have a cigarette you are making your inflammation worse and you are making your Osteoarthritis or Multiple Sclerosis worse. It is important that you do not smoke before, during or after your treatment, and ideally you should try to quit.


Perhaps one of the more surprising enhancers of stem cell tminisunlightreatment, research has shown that sunlight directly stimulates your immune system and therefore positively impacts the effects of your stem cell treatment. Geographic locations that have less exposure to sunlight are more likely to have higher incidents of conditions like Multiple Sclerosis because of depressed immune levels. There’s not always a need to take Vitamin D supplements, just a short amount of time in the sun can help to boost your immune system and Vitamin D levels.


It is important to note that not all supplements have a notable effect on enhancing stem cell treatment, however much research has pointed to fish oil being particularly effective when treating conditions that have inflammatory pathways, like Osteoarthritis. In some cases, taking the supplement Colostrum has shown to have a positive effect when combined with stem cell treatment, particularly in patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. We continue to research and monitor different supplements and the effect they have on stem cell treatments.

Stem cell treatment may offer relief for some patients and some conditions. If you are considering undergoing stem cell therapy for a particular treatment on injury, contact us today to arrange a consultation and we’ll determine whether stem cell treatment is the right solution for you.

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