Do I need to stop my blood-thinning tablets prior to Stem cell treatment?

Blood-thinning tablets make us less likely to clot and more likely to bleed. When deciding whether to stop or to continue we need to ask what is the risk if I stop and what is the risk if I don’t stop the tablets.

Your risk of stopping will be compared to the risk of bleeding during and after liposuction.

If you are taking the tablets because you have multiple risk factors for stroke then that is a high risk . If you are taking aspirin just in case and have no risk factors such as Ischaemic Heart Disease or Atrial Fibrillation then your risk is low and you are better to stop the aspirin and reduce the risk of bleeding.

Some surgery is possible whilst patients are taking aspirin and other mild blood-thinning tablets such as fish oil. A small gentle liposuction can be performed with a small increase in risk of bleeding. In these cases careful attention to compression for the first two days after the procedure is very important. Increased bruising is likely in these patients.

This is a decision that should be made in consultation with your doctor and the surgeon.

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