There are a number of stem cell treatments and questions that never get clearly answered on the many pages of the Internet. Macquarie Stem Cells in Sydney has collated a number of these questions and have provided the answers below. If you require any further information or would like to discuss your question in further depth please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Is stem cell treatment suitable for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

There is stem cell treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis however this is done using a different type of stem cell to those used at Macquarie Stem Cells. RA Stem Cell Treatment utilises allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells which are derived from donor umbilical cords after a normal, healthy birth.

At Macquarie Stem Cells we instead use adult adipose stem cells that are derived from the excess fat pockets on your own body. These are used to treat Osteoarthritis, joint injuries and Psoriasis. Trial treatments are available for other diseases such as MS, MND and Parkinson’s.

What does stem cell treatment for knees involve?

Stem Cell Treatment for knees is effective for those who have Osteoarthritis and ongoing joint injuries still causing pain in their knee. The Stem Cell treatment available from Dr Ralph Bright at Macquarie Stem Cells utilises fluids derived from your own fatty tissue that is then prepared and then injected into your damaged knee.

Over a short period of time results develop to remove pain and increase mobility for patients. Many experience improvements and benefits from Stem Cell treatments for anywhere between 12-18 months.

Is foetal stem cell therapy conducted in Australia?

Foetal stem cells or Embryonic Stem Cells are regarded as the most primitive type of stem cell available and have an amazing ability to generate every type of cell in the human body. While this cell type could be extremely beneficial in curing disease and disabilities there are limitations placed on their use in Australia due to their source. Embryonic Stem Cells (ES) are only able to be used under strict conditions by researchers in Australia who have obtained a licence; this has been legal since 2002.

There are currently no treatments available in Australia using ES as they are not able to be used on human research at present.

Can Stem Cells be used for Parkinson’s disease Treatment?

There has been and continues to be a large amount of research into the use of stem cells in treating Parkinson’s disease. At Macquarie Stem Cells, Dr Ralph Bright has utilised stem cell treatments for Parkinson’s sufferers with a degree of success. While this treatment is still very much in research and trial stage there is a high level of hope for an ongoing treatment derived from the stem cell treatment process.

Are Stem Cells used to treat Motor Neurone Disease?

Much like Parkinson’s disease, Dr Ralph Bright has conducted trials in the use of stem cells to treat Motor Neurone Disease (MND). At present many of these trials have proven to be successful in helping to treat symptoms of the disease. As further research is conducted and the use of Stem Cells to treat MND is advanced there is hope that the current sporadic results become more consistent.

Are there stem cell injections to improve shoulder joint mobility in Australia?

Yes! The stem cell treatments available at Macquarie Stem Cells are often used to treat shoulder joint mobility. Whether your mobility has been impacted by Osteoarthritis or sports injuries Stem Cell treatment using adipose tissue can help treat your joint to increase mobility and reduce pain and discomfort.

Will Medicare pay for Stem Cell therapy?

At present Medicare does not pay for or subsidise Stem Cell therapy. Macquarie Stem Cells are strong advocates for Medicare rebates being made available for allAustralians wishing to undergo stem cell treatment. We understand that due to the nature of the treatment and it’s availability that it is currently too costly and therefore out of reach for many every day Australian’s however we hope this changes in the not too distant future.

What are Adipose derived stem cells?

Adipose derived stem cells are adult stem cells that are taken from the excess fatty tissue in your body. These stem cells have the power to transform into a variety of cell types making them the perfect natural source for treatment. The cells are removed from your body in a similar process to a blood test, and are then separated and prepared before being injected into the treatment area.

Is stem cell banking available at Macquarie Stem Cells?

At Macquarie Stem Cells we do not provide stem cell banking as the procedure is conducted using your healthy adipose fat tissue. As you are required to be ‘healthy’ at the time of your treatment it is expected that you will have an amount of adipose fat readily available for treatment.

Can a family member or friend donate fat for my stem cell treatment?

At present we do not conduct treatments that utilise tissue from other beings. This is due to regulations, suitability and safety.

If you have any further questions in regards to the stem cell treatments available at Macquarie Stem Cells in Sydney please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 783 623 or comment on our facebook page.

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