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About Dr. Ralph Bright


Dr Ralph Bright practices as a physician with significant interest in Biological Treatments and Anti-Ageing Medicine. He was the first doctor in Australia to perform this specific Biological Treatment in April 2009. Since then he has continued to refine the procedures and protocols yielding greater results for patients. He is a presenter of our treatment and technology all around the world. Not only does Dr. Bright perform these treatments, he is also the educator of other doctors about Liposuction procedures as well as Biological Therapies.

Dr. Bright is currently collaborating with other scientific and medical researchers through universities to progress this treatment further into Australian medicine.


Dr. Bright has a strong interest in research and a passionate belief in the industry. He has been invited to present his work at many conferences in Australia and around the world.

You can view the map as well as all of the conferences right here.


Dr. Ralph Bright received commendation by the NSW Parliament.

“In recognition of outstanding service as a GP, chair of the Liverpool division of General Practice.
Coordinating medical coverage for refugees during the Kosovar War and to Medical Science and Research, particularly in the field of regenerative stem cells”.
(The Honourable Marie Ficarra, 2013)


Dr. Bright is a member of the following organisations:

  • Consortiums (AACTC) writing the Code of Conduct for Cellular Therapy in Australia
  • International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics and Science (IFATS)
  • International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS)
  • Member International Cellular Medicine Society
  • Member International Federation of Adipose Therapeutics and Science
  • Executive Member of the Australian Autologous Cell Therapy
  • Fellow of the Faculty of Medicine ACCS
  • Member Australasian College of Surgery



Read more about the regulations and code of conduct by clicking here.

Dr. Bright interview on Today Tonight news

Our Cell-Biologist

Dr. Amita Limaye
PhD Biotechnology – National Centre for Cell Science
Master of Biochemistry
Bachelor of Chemistry

Dr. Limaye is our Cell Research Officer, she has a total of 18+ years experience in combined academic research and scientific training. Dr. Limaye is working in our practice to improve cellular protocols and set up clinical trials. Previously she has worked with many exciting new medical research fields such as;

  • Determining the mechanism of immunomodulatory peptide C1 driven T-cell remodeling at Westmead Hospital
  • RNA-directed Epigenetic remodeling in cancer at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  • Unravelling the role of Tbx20 at the Cardiac Research Institute
  • Worked in EpiGenie, looking at PubMed research articles relating to epigenetics. Conducted interviews with epigenetics researchers, and worked closely with the technology providers to stay on top of the most applicable work driving epigenetics-related research.

Dr. Limaye’s professional associations and affiliations

  • Australian Epigenetic alliance
  • Australian Association of Clinical Biochemists
  • Post Doctoral Fellow University of Sydney School of Medicine Westmead Clinical School
  • Post Doctoral Fellow Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Allied Health Partners

Aside from the Macquarie Stem Cells Treatment, there is an additional component of treating osteoarthritis which is very important.
That is Physiotherapy & Exercise

The best approach to treating osteoarthritis is to involve multiple professionals. Therefore, we are affiliated and working closely with Flex Allied Health.

Abanoub Daoud – Master of Physiotherapy
B. Health Science & M. Physio

We can assure best of care and follow up will be provided. Our affiliated professionals will be able to design a program that will suit every individual.

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