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Macquarie Stem Cells is the most experienced stem cell provider in Australia.
Dr. Ralph Bright treated the very first patient with their own regenerative stem cells for osteoarthritis in Australia, and his success still continues.
Macquarie Stem Cells performs stem cell therapy in conjunction with other health professionals to provide a holistic approach to osteoarthritis.
Our goal is to help patients alleviate pain, improve joint function and delay/avoid the need for joint replacement.

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Latest literature review covers over 1600 patients treated with their own Stem Cells.

CONCLUSION: “Stem Cells have a great clinical potential to treat various orthopedic disorders as seen in human studies. Treatment may be worthwhile to try in individuals for whom current medical treatment has failed and/or for whom surgical options are not available”.

(Pak J. et al, 2017.)


Join the 97% of patients who have already responded to this treatment.

Based in New South Wales, Macquarie Stem Cells has the knowledge, training and experience to provide stem cell treatment in a safe and positive environment. We boast a team of medical professionals who are passionate about stem cell therapy and its ability to improve your quality of life. Having successfully treated over 800 patients using stem cell medical procedures, you can rely on us to keep your safety and well-being in mind.

What Stem Cell Treatment Involves

When subjected to the right stimulation, stem cells have the remarkable ability to develop into many different specialised cell types, including skin cells, muscle cells, and bone cells. Stem cell treatment involves extracting a tissue sample from your body using either a mini-liposuction, or alternatively a bone marrow harvest procedure. We then remove impurities from the sample such as fat, and then re-inject the regenerative healing cells back into a specific area. This 3 to 5 hour procedure instigates tissue regeneration in areas affected by issues such as inflammation.
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How do we know the cells are alive and working?

Watch the cell separation, testing, culturing and differentiation video below by Dr. Bright.

Which Conditions Respond Well to This Treatment?

At Macquarie Stem Cells, our aim is to provide stem cell therapy in Sydney that alleviates any pain, discomfort and anxiety you may experience on a day-to-day basis. As one of the leading stem cell treatment clinics around, we can help patients who are suffering a variety of severe and chronic conditions gain a new hold on life. Below is a brief overview of the conditions we can assist with.


Osteoarthritis can be a very complex condition, as it is not as black and white as repairing cartilage and expecting improvements in your pain levels.
When patients suffer from osteoarthritis, the cartilage begins to thin out and this leads to aggravation in your joints.
As the aggravation continues, your synovial fluid can become affected, as well as the surrounding structure of the joints such as the muscles, tendons, ligaments & blood vessels.

We have been working with many professionals and we understand the whole approach to treating and managing osteoarthritis better than anyone else. This treatment will involve follow up from your end, as you will need to rebuild lost strength, flexibility of your joints in addition to undergoing regenerative therapy. We will guide you through this.

When the stromal cells are introduced, they will be able to resolve the inflammation within the joint and this can reduce your arthritic pain quite quickly. The healing cells are also able to provide repairs to the synovial membrane, which will help properly lubricate your joints.

We have also observed MRI reports which indicate cartilage regrowth in some patients treated with stem cell therapy. At this point, we need to direct our focus to the surrounding muscles and tendons of the joint. If they are weak and inflexible, you may suffer from tendonitis. This does not mean the treatment has gone backwards – it simply means you need to spend some time to rebuild the strength and flexibility you have lost over the years.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The cells have shown a powerful effect on the immune system, to the point where they are able to place the immune system in a state of tolerogenesis.
Once the immune system attack has settled, the cells are able to target inflamed joints and start their repairs in these areas, thus providing improvements to your pain levels as well as function of the joint.
We have regularly observed large changes in CRP and RF levels in patients treated with stem cell therapy. This has been able to confirm positive changes to inflammation and immune balance within your body.

Neuropathic Pain

Some patients suffer from pains such as burning, tingling, electric shocks and similar pains, even though they are not actually occurring. This indicates the nerve cells are firing but they are not firing due to nociceptive pain (pain which occurs for an external reason).
These healing stromal cells are able to repair the inflammation surrounding the nerve cells, and in cases where damage has taken, the cells can differentiate into nerve cells to repair the damage.
This allows the nerves to return to normal function and alleviate the neuropathic pain.

Tears or Damage to Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments & Cartilage

Your body naturally looks to repair any form of damage, however in certain cases it may only be able to do so with scar tissue.
Once the regenerative stromal cells have homed to the damaged areas of your body, they are able to repair the damaged tissue and differentiate into the surrounding cell types. E.g. your body is now able to use the stem cells to repair the torn tendon with actual tendon tissue as opposed to scar tissue.
This allows the previously torn tissue to return back to full function.

For pre-existing repaired tears, stem cell therapy is able to soften the scar tissue formation and allow for a better range of motion whilst reducing the risk of a re-occurring tear adjacent to the existing tear.


Migraines are types of headaches but can be significantly more painful and debilitating. They can also cause a range of other symptoms, including nausea and sensitivity to light or sound. Fortunately, stem cell treatment has the potential to repair inflamed blood vessels which can reduce or eliminate migraines.
At this stage, we are running a clinical trial. You may place your application to participate in this trial.

Treatment Clinics & Locations

Our clinic for stem cell therapy is located in Liverpool, NSW.
We are able to treat all patients from other states such as VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT and TAS with a simple application and process over 3 days.