Stem Cell Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Here at Macquarie Stem Cells, Dr. Bright aims to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis such as pain, stiffness and loss of strength in the joints. After your treatment our goal is to keep in contact with you so we can guide you to achieve the best results and get you moving comfortably again. Patient care and knowledge is what is expected of us and it is exactly what you would expect to gain from our expertise.

Osteoarthritis Treatment at the Source

Though Stem cell therapy is a “new treatment” for osteoarthritis in general it has been around the world for over 20 years and in medicine we have been using this treatment since 2009.

Stem cell therapy is beneficial to your health, we will not specifically compare this treatment against pain killers, anti-inflammatory medications and joint surgery…. since we hope everyone is aware of the health issues which can be associated by them.

Stem Cell Therapy treats the actual damaged tissue which is causing the discomfort.

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How Do These Cells Help Osteoarthritis?

These stromal cells have the potential to carry out repairs as indicated below;

  1. Target and fight off inflammation (reduce the pain you have)
  2. Increase the productivity of synovial fluid (increase lubrication of your joints)
  3. Differentiate into specific tissue types & Repair damaged layer of cartilage as well as connective tissue such as tendons, muscles & ligaments
  4. Resolve nerve related pain such as burning, tingling, numbness etc.

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Which Joints Can Stem Cell Therapy Help?

We have used this treatment on right about every joint in the body.
It is extremely common for us to treat multiple joints at the same time. As we progress through life, the aging process unfortunately causes wear and tear “osteoarthritis” in more than 1 joint.

Here are some of the joints we have treated which have shown very good improvements.

  • Fingers & Toes including Thumb joints
  • Wrists
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Spine inclusive from the Neck to the Lower Back
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Feet


Published Study Using Our Technology

The attached link is a publication for treating osteoarthritis with stromal cells from fat.  This study is utilizing the Macquarie Stem Cells method of cell separation.
It has been published in the Journal Of Evidence Based Medicine & Healthcare Oct. 2015

Knee Stem Cell Therapy

For those suffering from osteoarthritis in the knee, stem cell therapy may provide significant results. Stem cell injections for knee osteoarthritis can help to minimise inflammation and pain associated with the condition, making stem cell therapy a great option for osteoarthritis knee treatment.

Osteoarthritis Hip Treatment

Also known as degenerative arthritis of the hip, osteoarthritis that affects the hip joint can be particularly debilitating. While treatment for osteoarthritis of the hip can include medications, surgery and physical therapy, stem cell therapy has shown promising results when it comes to osteoarthritis hip treatment.

We have been treating the hip joints for many years. After all these years of work we are noticing our patients results in their hip joints are as good as the knees.

Stem Cell Treatment for Spine related Arthritis

If you’re experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis in the spine; inclusive of the neck down to your lower back. We can help.
There are some observations we have made over the years, the spine does respond to the treatment but patients need to keep in mind in many cases the results will be far greater with multiple treatments. This is where we will explain the treatment of cryogenically freezing your cells.

Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder

Whether it affects one shoulder or both, arthritis of the shoulder can be a particularly painful condition. Stem cell therapy has shown great promise for shoulder arthritis treatment, with the potential to provide relief from shoulder pain.

Shoulders have been extremely successful.

Stem Cell Therapy for Fingers, Toes & Thumbs.

Interestingly these smaller joints cause big issues in limiting the patients quality of life. Handling objects, writing, walking even leaning can be debilitating.
The patients we have treated for these smaller joints appear to share similar patterns. That is; they all appear to respond quicker than any other joint in the body.

Over 700 Patients Successfully Treated

At Macquarie Stem Cells, we’ve treated well over 700 patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Our great success rates are a result of Dr. Bright’s expertise and the effectiveness of our procedure. This procedure involves retrieving stromal cells from adipose (fat) tissue with our ultrasonic cavitation technique. These treated cells are then re-injected into the affected joint where osteoarthritis symptoms are present.
We have observed approximately a 97% chance of success in relation to patients responding to their own cells.
The responding patients on the average are reporting a 75% improvement

Want to Learn More about Stem Cell Injections for Osteoarthritis?

If you’ve been considering stem cell therapy as an osteoarthritis treatment, it’s important to know that:

  1. Age makes no difference
  2. The grade of osteoarthritis makes no difference (Mild through to bone on bone)
  3. Body weight makes no difference
  4. If you suffer from Gout or Pseudo Gout, it needs to be well controlled prior to treatment