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23 March 2017
Stories of Science – by David Cox.

Using stem cells to treat chronic migraine (Part 1/3)

“I was using stem cells to treat other conditions and some of my patients also had severe chronic migraine. While treating them, we started to notice that the migraine was dramatically improving. It’s well known that migraine sufferers are depleted in cells called endothelial progenitor cells in the blood vessels of a part of the brain called the dura. I suspect this area is also deficient in stem cells which could be a potential cause.”

Using stem cells to treat chronic migraine (Part 2/3)

“To treat migraine, we use the stromal cell mix in this photo which contains large numbers of both endothelial progenitor cells and stem cells. Stromal cells are connective tissue cells of any organ. These progenitor cells and stem cells can repair the dura blood vessels which removes the trigger for the migraine. The best analogy is to think of a graze on your forearm. Squeeze lemon juice on it and you will have severe pain. Heal the graze and the lemon juice will not bother you. The neuronal circuitry is normal.”

Using stem cells to treat chronic migraine (Part 3/3)

“We did a initial trial using stromal cells to treat chronic migraine in 6 patients, and we’re now in the middle of a larger scale randomised double blinded placebo controlled trial. We have used cultured autologous stem cells from the patients themselves with success but have not yet developed an allogeneic line. We believe we are the only researchers working with stem cells to treat migraine. We’re also preparing a trial for osteoarthritis and are designing another trial for multiple sclerosis. Our main problem is lack of funding.”

(Dr Ralph Bright, Macquarie Stem Cells clinic)

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Adam Goodes’ stem-cell treatment likely to prolong his record career with Sydney Swans


In what is a great testimonial for stem cell treatment AFL great Adam Goodes has decided to undergo another round of stem cell treatment on his badly injured knee after already gaining the 2014 season thanks to a previous round of treatment.

Goodes’ story was picked up by The Daily Telegraph as part of their post 2014 AFL Grand Final coverage. Read the full article and watch the videos here.


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