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The Stem Cell Procedure

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Stem Cell Therapy is a fantastic treatment that can help patients who are suffering severe and chronic conditions gain a new hold on life. Stem cells can be used to treat medical conditions where significant damage has been done to the musculoskeletal structure or nervous system. Here at Macquarie Stem Cells in Sydney we have seen significant success when treating patients with osteoarthritis, back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and rotator cuff syndrome. Treatment of these conditions has helped alleviate pain and improve our patients’ quality of life.

 Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Macquarie Stem Cells is one of the most experienced stem cell providers in Australia and thanks to our highly skilled team of professionals we have successfully treated over 600 patients since 2009. Those who we have treated experienced a broad range of conditions including asthma, arthritis, osteoarthritis, trigeminal neuralgia, and migraines. After having Stem Cell Therapy our patients found an improvement in their quality of life and overall wellbeing. With more research and awareness stem cells have the potential to be applied to the body for a variety of disorders and conditions to better improve quality of life. Our Sydney practice is a centre of excellence. Dr Ralph Bright is able to perform stem cell treatment in a single 4-6 hour procedure under local anaesthetic.

What is a stem cell and where does it come from?

Stem cells are unique cells found to benefit the medical profession. They are natural, regenerative cells found in adult adipose (fat) tissue that have the ability to repair damaged tissue when injected into a specific area of the body. These cells are master cells. They can make different cell types or they can direct other cells to heal or grow. During the stem cell therapy procedure preparations to the patient’s adipose tissue is harvested with a liposuction procedure. They are then put through a selective ultrasonic cavitation which destroys the fat cells but not the stem cells. The mix of stem cells and other immune system cells are then re-injected into the body at the treatment site.

How does stem cell therapy work?

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